Everyone can have whiter teeth. But everyone’s enamel makeup is a little different so every individual will have varying results. We use custom made vacuum formed trays to help deliver a proven bleaching material. This product is worn as a small bead of coverage over each tooth resulting in lighter more brilliant teeth within the first few applications Each session is only 30 minutes in length.  

What can cause tooth discoloration

There are many causes. The most common include aging and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea or tobacco. During tooth formation consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discoloration.

Who may benefit from teeth whitening?

Just about anyone can benefit from tooth whitening. However, treatment may not be as effective for some as it is for others. With an oral exam, Drs. McKenna or Tjeerdsma can determine if you are a candidate for this procedure, including a custom shade assessment.

Is teeth whitening becoming more popular?

Absolutely! A bright, beautiful smile can make a big difference. The newer bleaching products make it easier and faster than ever before.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is safe. In fact, many dentists consider whitening the safest cosmetic dental procedure available. As with any tooth whitening product, Zoom! is not recommended for children under 13 years of age and pregnant or lactating women.

Do the results last a long time?

These are professional formula products designed specifically to keep your teeth their brightest. They are available through our office. The bleaching gel is worn inside of custom made trays which can be periodically worn to help maintain your brightest smile.

Are there any side effects?

Some people experience temporary increased tooth sensitivity to cold during treatment. These symptoms disappear within a short period of time.